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Okay, here's the deal. I have had my computer since 2001, so it has some kinks, and I can usually work them out, but this time I have nothing left to do. I got my first digital camera sometime last year, and I just decided to install the software to use it today. Well, everything is installed, but everytime I go to open Photoshope and go to the part that says "get photos" it says to click on this little icon to get photos from camera. Yeah, so I click on that and it says that there is no camera detected, even when I have my camera plgged in and everything. So then I tried to open Roxio photo studio, and i get a little error box that says "Error: required .dll : .rdl.dll file not found". I get the same error whenever I try to run any of my (don't make fun of me) Star Wars games. What's the deal? I know that that isn't an lj error, but Im posting here anyways. I need these pictures so bad! Any help would be greatly apreciated.
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